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Beautiful Photography

Doing What I Love!

This was not a direction I saw myself taking, but I could not be more excited about it. I began this career path as a back up photographer and once I learned the whole process, I could not stop taking pictures. I have always been an artist at heart, and photography is one of the most rewarding forms of art. From maternity to newborn then childrens pictures to seniors and of course engagement and wedding photos, this media truly captures all the important moment of everyone's life! I am always honored to be asked to capture and preserve time for my clients. 

Why Product is Important

In a world where our lives are summed up in a quick text and millions of shared pictures from our phones that we may never print, I  encourage everyone to look, touch, feel and actually connect. When social media changes again or the unthinkable happens and we lose or break our phones, all those precious memories could be gone. What will we have to pass on to our family and friends?  I encourage everyone, have your important moments captured and printed on heirloom quality products. At EKP we only use products that withstand the test of time. Life moves fast and what better way to share with generations where they came from then through beautiful photographs. Photo albums or one-of-a kind prints of your family can be shared for many lifetimes and passed onto those we love when you choose great products. With so many companies out there sending pictures digitally or printing images on cheap quality products, your choice makes all the difference.  Choose to have the best, affordable, printed images to tell your story on. Choose Erin Kelly Photos when you are ready to take the step to have heirloom quality products,  simplistic beautiful art and affordable priceless connections of your own to share. 

How Everything Works

I often run specials and discounted prices. It is important for me to share my passion at prices that just about everyone can afford. My session fee covers a 2 hour shoot time with a maximum of 3 wardrobe changes. This also covers the time to edit the works and make them into the art pieces I am known for. With my photography, you will only view edited photos that I individually work on. I do not show unedited works nor do I sell them. I want each piece you receive to be something you picked because you loved it. This means that you may see an average of 30 - 40 works (this number definitely varies depending on the type of shoot and may be more or less) and all of them will have my personal touch. As with all art, quality and not quantity is what matters. I offer a variety of products and a  packages depending on the type of shoot. Each product and package I tailor slightly based on your specific needs, budget and prices or sales the vendors I use may be offering at the time. Because I feel that capturing the best pictures is about connecting, I will talk to my clients first and get an idea of what you want from the shoot. To hold a date, the non-refundable session fee is paid upfront. Once things are booked, I require a 24-hour notice for a change in date or time. When pictures are completed we meet again to choose the works. At this time, products are picked, final payments are made and the best delivery method for you is determined so you receive your finished products.



Photo Session :  $200

Up to a 2hr photo shoot + editing 

(Discounted to $125 + 5 FREE 5x7's  till 2/29/2020) SOLD OUT

(All Photo Shoots booked between 3/1/2020 - 4/31/2020 will receive 2 Free 3x3 duplicate magnetic photo books with approx. 10 pictures based on the layout)

 pictures purchased will also be given digitally & sized for social media